Student & Volunteer opportunities

BRAES members train students at undergraduate and graduate levels.  Our unique multidisciplinary approach to ecology and conservation research provides students with the opportunity to acquire unique skill sets that combine theory, data collection and quantitative approaches.  We strongly support co-supervision and other activities that promote collaboration and exchange across disciplines. We also have the advantage of being located in one of Canada’s most biologically diverse regions, with the forest and mountains literally out the back door, creating ample opportunities for field work.

Our students have the opportunity to learn technical skills in the following areas:

–       Field work: BRAES researchers conduct studies in a range of terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems around the world

–       Quantitative methods: computational ecology and biostatistics, ecological modeling, and spatial analysis

–       Geospatial analysis: Use and interpretation of geospatial data, cartographic methods, advanced GIS and spatial modeling

–       Laboratory methods: genetic analysis and microbiology

Depending on their specific area of study, BRAES graduate students may enroll in the Biology, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, or Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Programs.  Prospective students should consult the university website for further information on these different programs.

Undergraduate students may also actively participate in BRAES research activities through the completion of an honour’s thesis in their discipline or as research assistants and volunteers.  The campus Work Study program as well as the Undergraduate Research Awards program are two ways to help finance undergraduate research work.

All students benefit from the opportunity to participate in BRAES scientific activities, forums and workshops.

Current student positions

BRAES faculty members actively seeking students for specific projects will post positions here.  However, even if there are no postings, most faculty members are open to inquiries from interested students.

If you are interested in studying with us, please consult the list of BRAES faculty members and write directly to the person/people working in your field of interest.