Faculty Members

Updated Sep 2023

Faculty                                         Office #             Email                             Phone              Research area

John Braun SCI 388 john.braun@ubc.ca 250-807-8032 Computational statistics, with applications to fire science; statistical process control; statistical education
Thu-Thuy Dang FIP 354 thuy.dang@ubc.ca 250-807-9468 Discovering new biosynthetic enzymes and pathways; generating specialized metabolites structural and functional diversities; re-constituting natural products metabolism in synthetic biology chassis.
Sylvie Desjardins SCI 385 sylvie.desjardins@ubc.ca 250-807-8767 Mathematical modelling of population dynamics, species at risk, mark-recapture studies
Michael Deyholos SCI 156 michael.deyholos@ubc.ca 250-807-8541 Genetics and genomics of plants, especially in relation to pectin, cell walls, and fibers.
Aleksandra Dulic CCS171 aleksandra.dulic@ubc.ca 250-807-9771 Intersection of Culture and Technology, Climate Change communication, gaming and interactive art.
Dan Durall SCI 377 daniel.durall@ubc.ca 250-807-8759 Disturbance and ectomycorrhizal fungi, below-ground carbon dynamics
Adam Ford (BRAES Institute Director) SCI 109 adam.ford@ubc.ca 250-807-9773 Wildlife ecology and conservation; mammals; temperate forests, grasslands, and tropical savannas.
Greg Garrard CCS 391 greg.garrard@ubc.ca 250-807-8479 Ecocriticism, sustainability, environmental criticism and theory; critical animal studies; environmental education; literature and science
Robert Godin FIP 341 robert.godin@ubc.ca 250-807-8438 Transient absorption spectroscopy/microscopy to determine the charge carrier dynamics of materials for solar energy conversion; photochemistry and photophysics; carbon-based photocatalytic materials; sustainable energy and material production.
Miranda Hart ASC 372 miranda.hart@ubc.ca 250-807-9398 Microbial ecology of soil microbes; the role and the applications of microbes in sustainable agriculture, viticulture, and ecological restoration
Karen Hodges SCI 382 karen.hodges@ubc.ca 250-807-8763 Fragmentation, conservation of peripheral populations, critical habitat designation, population cycles
Laura Hooker SCI 158 laura.hooker@ubc.ca 250-807-9551 Aquatic ecology, saline lakes, conservation
Nancy Holmes CCS323E nancy.holmes@ubc.ca 250-807-9369 Creative writing & poetry
John Janmaat ART231 john.janmaat@ubc.ca 250-807-8021 Environmental and resource economics, particularly the economics of water resources
Melanie Jones SCI 385 melanie.jones@ubc.ca 250-807-9553 Physiology of ectomycorrhizas and roots of woody plants, fire effects on mycorrhizae
Michael Noonan SCI 379 michael.noonan@ubc.ca 250-807-8667 Animal movement, conservation, encounter theory, evolutionary processes, macro-ecology, and statistical ecology.
Bob Lalonde SCI 316 robert.lalonde@ubc.ca 250-807-8764 Evolutionary ecology, population dynamics, consequences of information use
Karl Larsen (Thompson Rivers University)  klarsen@tru.ca 250-828-5456 Habitat use and movements of vertebrates, rattlesnake conservation
Soheil Mahmoud SCI 312 soheil.mahmoud@ubc.ca 250-807-8752 Molecular, cellular, biochemical and environmental factors that regulate the quality and quantity of aromas and essential oils produced by herbal and medicinal plants; identification, cloning and characterization of structural and regulatory genes that are involved in the biosynthesis, inter- and intra-cellular trafficking, secretion and storage of monoterpenes in plants cells specialized for secondary metabolite production.
Susan Murch FIP 350 susan.murch@ubc.ca 250-807-9566 Plant chemistry and biotechnology; the identification, quantification, and metabolism of plant secondary metabolites, the impact of these phytochemicals on human health, and the development of technologies for mass-production of specific plant chemicals as medicines, natural health products, food additives, and functional foods.
Louise Nelson SCI 159 louise.nelson@ubc.ca 250-807-8756 Soil microbiology; plant-microbe interactions; plant growth promoting rhizobacteria; biological control of fungal pathogens; detection of fungal pathogens using DNA macroarrays and microbial inoculants; development of microbial inoculants in agriculture and horticulture to improve plant growth, root development, and to suppress fungal pathogens pre- and post-harvest
Mike Pidwirny SCI 376 michael.pidwirny@ubc.ca 250-807-8758 GIS models of landscape change, species interactions in wetland plant communities, spatial patterns and community structure in vegetation, climate change impacts on biodiversity
Lael Parrott SCI 307 lael.parrott@ubc.ca 250-807-8122 Ecological complexity, landscape science, social-ecological systems, sustainable resource management
Jason Pither ASC 367 jason.pither@ubc.ca 250-807-9629 Spatial ecology, community ecology and biodiversity; how changes in landscape structure and the environment affect biodiversity patterns within and among ecological communities; pattern investigation within a variety of taxa, including terrestrial plants, insects, and freshwater diatoms
Scott Reid SCI 379 scott.reid@ubc.ca 250-807-8761 Freshwater ecology, physiology of fish in response to environmental stressors
Michael Russello SCI 381 michael.russello@ubc.ca 250-807-8762 Ecological and conservation genetics, wildlife management
Rebecca Tyson SCI 386 rebecca.tyson@ubc.ca 250-807-8766 Mathematical modelling, population dynamics, dispersal, spatial processes
Ian Walker FIP 339 ian.walker@ubc.ca 250-807-9559 Environmental change; chironomid palaeoecology; quaternary palaeoecology and palaeoclimatology; dynamics of arctic and alpine tree-line ecosystems; aquatic insect ecology; and biomonitoring; use of aquatic insects (living and fossil) as indicators of environmental change
John Wagner ART 273 john.wagner@ubc.ca 250-807-8001 Environmental anthropology, political ecology, water governance and rights, agriculture and food security, vernacular education and language revitalization, conservation and development, property rights
Adam Wei SCI 309 adam.wei@ubc.ca 250-807-8750 Sustainable forest management, forest hydrology, watershed models