Graduate, PhD and Undergraduate Students

Graduate students

Full Name Program Supervisor Project title
Daan Hoekstra MA John Wagner Nancy Holmes Water scarcity and neoliberalism in Sonora, Mexico
James Littey MA John Janmaat
Jesse Zeman MA John Janmaat Preferences for Wildlife Management in British Columbia
Emily Nilsen MFA Nancy Holmes Eco Art Incubator
Corrie Allen MSc Lael Parrott  Identifying wildlife corridors in the Okanagan Basin using a focal species approach
Brittany Altwasser MSc Jason Pither Historical / biogeographical approaches to understanding contemporary diversity patterns among mycorrhizal fungi”
Jonathan Bepple MSc Lael Parrott  Simulating impacts of future land use scenarios on water demand for the City of Kelowna, BC
Cheryl Blair MSc Karl Larsen Ecology of American pika across a disturbed landscape
Erin Feldman MSc Melanie Jones – Daniel Durall
Jennifer Forsythe MSc John Klironomos The effect of plant diversity on mycorrhizal fungal diversity
Krysta Giles-Hansen MSc Adam Wei
Heather Gray MSc Ian Walker Aquatic macrophytes and periphyton communities as bioindicators of lake trophic status in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba
 Sasindu Gunawardana MSc Karl Larsen Factors affecting habitat exploration in terrestrial isopods
JoAnne Hales MSc Karl Larsen Spadefoot micro-habitat selection
 Trent Hammer MSc Susan Murch
Dexter Hodder MSc Karl Larsen Winter ecology of the North American mink
Jenna Hutchen MSc Karen Hodges  Snowshoe hare responses post-fire
Amy Leeming MSc Karl Larsen Overwintering tactics of painted turtles
Lemay Matthew MSc Michael Russello Using adaptive genomic markers to identify fine-scale population divergence
Jimit Majdumar MSc Rebecca Tyson
Malcom McAdie MSc Karl Larsen Health of Vancouver Island Marmot populations
Andreas Pogiatzis MSc Miranda Hart
Roxanne Snook MSc Ian Walker – Jason Pither Habitat compensation and the Rocky Mountain Ridged Mussel (Gonidea angulata) – habitat modelling
Mieke Van der Heyde MSc Miranda Hart understanding arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal succession in cedar forests
Carrie van Dorp MSc Daniel Durall Resilience of mycorrizal fungi in Douglas-fir forests.
Carmen Vanbianchi MSc Karen Hodges Landscape connectivity of Canada lynx in relation to recent forest fires in Washington
Eric Vukicevich MSc Miranda Hart
 Kristin Aleklett PhD Miranda Hart  how different events throughout a plant’s life affect the composition of its microbial community.
Wejdan Alsaggaf PhD Susan Murch
Markandu Anputhas PhD John Janmaat Land use change, climate change, water demand, and their influence on water vulnerability: A watershed level approach in the North Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada
Matthias Bass PhD Lael Parrott Social-ecological network analysis and community resilience to mountain pine beetle outbreaks
Bruno Caturan PhD Lael Parrott Complexity and resilience indicators for coral reef systems
Haley Catton PhD Bob Lalonde Modeling population-level effects of a biological control insect on its target weed and a native non-target plant
Pierre-Luc Chagnon PhD John Klironomos  Applying network analysis to mycorrhizal symbioses
Fabian Cid Yanez PhD Lael Parrott Multi-objective management of the boreal forest
Logan Cocharne PhD John Wagner Food Security in Ethiopia
Keith Duhaime PhD John Janmaat and Deborah Roberts
Cameron Egan PhD John Klironomos The structure and functioning of mycorrhizal fungal communities along elevation gradients
Field Rachel PhD Lael Parrott Okanagan Futures Modelling
Salomon Geleta PhD John Janmaat Combining Methods within Stated Preference Environmental Valuation Techniques: Choice Modelling Approach , Social Network Analysis and Deliberative/ Citizens Juries
Taylor Holland PhD Miranda Hart
Darwin Horning Phd John Janmaat
Evelyn Jensen PhD Michael Russello Harnessing genomics to inform interactive in situ/ex situ conservation management
Qiang (John) Li PhD Adam Wei Modeling the cumulative effects of forest disturbance and climate change on hydrology in large watersheds
Hongguang Liu PhD Miranda Hart, John Klironomos  Recovery of mycorrhizal fungal diversity following a major disturbance
Ying Liu PhD Susan Murch
May Anne Mata PhD Rebecca Tyson Understanding avian flu dynamics through an approximation technique based on the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process
Brian Ohsowski PhD Miranda Hart, John Klironomos Restoring Native Tall Grass Prairie through Soil Amendments
Sepideh Pakpour PhD John Klironomos The microbiology of indoor environments
Nargiz Rahimova PhD John Janmaat
Joanne PhD John Wagner Food and Water Security in the Creston Valley of B.C>
Kritine Teichman PhD Karen Hodges Mitigation of livestock depredation while conserving biological diversity in the succulent Karoo
Matthew Waterhouse PhD Michael Russello Latitudinal and elevational adaptive population divergence in a climate-change sensitive mammals

Undergraduate students

Full Name Program Supervisor Project title
Megan Hunter BA Nancy Holmes Eco Art Incubator
Emily MacMillen BFA Nancy Holmes Eco Art Incubator
Shimshon Obadia BFA Nancy Holmes Eco Art Incubator
Viahsta Yuan BM Nancy Holmes Eco Art Incubator
Carmen Chelick BSc Jason Pither Honours
Sara Gordon BSc Miranda Hart
Charles Jolin-Landry BSc Rebecca Tyson
Jessa Marley BSc Rebecca Tyson, Lael Parrott Individual-based modelling of human-bear interactions
Brian Muselle BSc Jason Pither Comparing the structural complexity of exotic and native plants
Joe Salkeld BSc Rebecca Tyson, Lael Parrott Individual-based modelling of human-bear interactions
Annick Sevigny BSc Melanie Jones
Shalev Tal BSc Michael Russello
 Josh Smith BSc Melanie Jones Distribution of nitrate and ammonium by a common ectomycorrhizal mycelium supplied different amounts of fixed carbon by two host plants
Vanessa Smith BSc Michael Russello
Nishat Tasmin BSC Miranda Hart  Impact of environmental microbes on the colonization of the infant gut
Grace Watts BSc Jason Pither – Miranda Hart Honours
Grace Watts BSc Miranda Hart