Biodiversity Seminar Series

Our Institute is happy to announce our partnership with the Biodiversity Research Centre at UBC Vancouver for the web streaming of their famous Biodiversity Seminar Series in our Campus.

Day:            Wednesday (No seminar during the summer)

Time:          Seminar Starts at 12:00 PM,              

Coffee and cookies provided at 11:50 AM

The regular room for the seminars is RHS 129. Room for April 14 will be announced soon. RHS 129 is located in the  Reichwald Health Sicences Centre. Click here for the campus map.

For more information or to be added to our email list please contact our BRAES coordinator Carolina Restrepo at:

Date Speaker Title of Talk
Jan. 9 Timothee Poisot Ecological Networks on the move: Between structural constraints and ecological variation
U. Montpellier
Jan. 16 Jessica Metcalf TBA
Colorado State U.
Jan. 25 Matthew McGee The Genomic Basis of Explosive Speciation
Monash U.
Jan. 30 Lindsay Davidson The distributions of Chondrichtyan diversity, threat, and conservation action
UBC Vancouver
Feb. 6 Jennifer Follstad Shah Aquatic ecosystem functional change in the anthropocene
U. of Utah
Feb. 13 Dave Metzger Ecological and evolutionary effects on epigenetic landscapes
UBC Vancouver
Feb-27 Sylvia Cremer TBA
IST Austria
Mar. 6 Martin Turcotte Experimentally testing evolutionary-coexistence using duckweed
U. of Pittsburgh
Mar. 13 Oscar Godoy Towards a multitrophic framework of species coexistence
IRNA Seville, Spain
Mar-20 Vanessa Ezenwa Worm-microbe coinfection: Dissecting the causes and consequences of parasite interactions
U. of Georgia
Mar. 27 David Pfennig Phenotypic plasticity and the evolutionary origins of novel traits
U. Of N. Carolina
Apr. 3 Emma Goldberg Macroevolution of plant breeding systems
U. of Minessota
Apr. 10 Jean Polfus & Frederick Andrew Chitty Lecture
U. Peterboroough
Apr. 14 Sheila Colla A case for evidence-based pollinator conservation in Canada
York University