Biodiversity Seminar Series

Our Institute is happy to announce our partnership with the Biodiversity Research Centre at UBC Vancouver for the web streaming of their famous Biodiversity Seminar Series in our Campus.

Day:            Wednesday (No seminar during the summer)

Time:          Seminar Starts at 12:00 PM,              

Coffee at 11:40 AM

The regular room for the seminars is RHS 257. November 8th, 22nd and 29th seminars will be at EME 4116. RHS 257 is Located in the  Reichwald Health Sicences Centre. Click here for the campus map.

For more information or to be added to our email list please contact our BRAES coordinator Carolina Restrepo at:


Date Speaker Title of Talk UBCO Room
Sep-06 Colin MacLeod Integrating parasite ecology and global change biology RHS 257
University of British Columbia, Harley Lab
Sep-13 Michel Chapuisat Ant social evolution, queen number and supergenes RHS 257
University de Lausanne
Sep-20 Marc Johnson Evolution in the Urban Jungle RHS 257
University of Toronto, Mississauga
Sep-27 Roi Holzman T.B.A. RHS 257
Tel Aviv University
Oct-04 Nancy Moran Molecular Ecology Prize Lecture: The evolution and function of gut communities in social bees RHS 257
University of Texas, Austin
Oct-11 Louis Bernatchez T.B.A. RHS 257
Laval University
Oct-18 Tom Miller Eco-evolutionary dynamics of range expansion RHS 257
Rice University
Oct-25 President’s Chair Search T.B.A. RHS 257
Nov-01 President’s Chair Search T.B.A. RHS 257
Nov-08 President’s Chair Search T.B.A. EME 4116
Nov-15 Ellen Andresen The multiple effects of dung beetle activity on seed and seedling fate in tropical forests RHS 257
Univ. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Nov 22 (UBC-O) Colleen St. Clair T.B.A. EME 4116
University of Alberta
Nov-29 Ben Gilbert CHITTY LECTURE: Species diversity: Reconciling the effects of ecological drift and species differences EME 4116
University of Toronto
Dec-06 Benjamin Freeman T.B.A. RHS 257
University of British Columbia, Biodiversity Research Centre
Dec-13 Stilianos Louca Disentangling microbial metabolic and phylogenetic diversity at local and global scales RHS 257
University of British Columbia, Biodiversity Research Centre