Biodiversity Seminar Series

Our Institute is happy to announce our partnership with the Biodiversity Research Centre at UBC Vancouver for the web streaming of their famous Biodiversity Seminar Series in our Campus.

Day:            Every Wednesday until April 5, 2017

Time:          Seminar Starts at 12:00 PM,              

Cookies and Coffee at 11:40 AM

Please see here the list of presenters, titles and rooms:

Date Speaker Title of Talk Room
Jan. 18 Michael Desai Evolutionary dynamics in rapidly adapting microbial populations EME 4218
Harvard University
Jan. 25 Peter Wainwright Conquering Coral Reefs: Innovation and Macroevolution in Labrid Fishes EME 4116
University of California, Davis
Feb. 1 Yeala Shaked Fishing iron from the ocean: phytoplankton uptake strategies EME 4116
Hebrew University, Israel
Feb. 8 Devi Stuart-Fox Biodiversity Lecture EME 4116
University of Melbourne
Feb. 15 TBC UNC 334
Mar. 1 Jennifer Ruesink Linking functional diversity to the ecological valuation of habitat EME 4116
University of Washington
Mar. 8 Edd Hammill TBD EME 4116
Utah State University
Mar. 15 Ford Doolittle Darwinizing  Gaia TBC
Dalhouse University
Mar. 22 Pleuni Pennings Evolution Lecture EME 4116
San Francisco State University
Mar. 29 Nathan Lovejoy The shocking true story of evolution, signal diversity, and biogeography of Neotropical electric fishes EME 4116
University of Toronto Scarborough
Apr. 5 Shannon McCauley TBD EME 4116
University of Toronto Mississauga