Institute Director: Dr. Lael Parrott, Professor

Professor Parrott leads the Complex Environmental Systems Laboratory at UBC Okanagan and is the current Director of the BRAES Institute.  She is cross-appointed in the Departments of Earth & Environmental Sciences and Physical Geography and Biology on UBC’s Okanagan Campus.  She leads a multidisciplinary research program in modelling and characterising contemporary regional landscapes and ecosystems as complex systems. Practical applications of her research involve environmental management, conservation and monitoring as well as future scenarios analysis.  She holds a PhD in Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering from McGill University (2000).

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Institute Coordinator: Carolina Restrepo-Tamayo

Steering Committee:

Dr. Lael Parrott (Director)
Dr. Rebecca Tyson (Member)
Dr. Greg Garrard (Member)
Dr. Melanie Jones (Member and Lab Manager)
Dr. Robert Lalonde (Member)
Rachel Field, MSc RPBio (Graduate student representative)
Dr. Mike Evans (Delegate, Dean of the Barber School of Arts & Science)
Dr. Stephen Foster (Delegate, Dean of the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies)