Computational Ecology Research Group (CERG)

During the summer the group meets every Wednesday from 12-1 PM on SCI 354.  See schedule here:

Date Speaker Title of Talk Game
May-03 Preparation meeting
May-10 Rob Friberg “Focusing the concept of community resilience: social-ecological reciprocity and cross-scale dimensions.” Sarah MacQeen
Complexity Lab Tyson Lab
May-17 Bruno Canturan Organizing the trait-based approach to advance coral reef science Maria
Complexity Lab Tyson Lab
May-24 Jonas Berking Meeting at noon in room SCI 396 none
Freie University of Berlin
May-31 Sarah Mac Qeen Modelling the Effects of Memory on Bumblebee Pollination Services Luke Crew
Tyson Lab Complexity Lab
Jun-07 Luke Crev An update to the Whistler Bear Model: a presentation to the Whistler Bear Advisory Committee Carolina Restrepo
Complexity Lab BRAES
Jun-14 Matt Bass A Stable social-ecological network Matt Bass
Complexity Lab Complexity Lab
Jun-21 Fabian Cid Artificial ecology and sensitivity analysis of an agent-based model Rebecca Tyson
Complexity Lab Tyson Lab
Jun-28 Stephen Krone Doomed! An SDE approach to the death throes of a dying population Fabian Cid
University of Idaho Complexity Lab
Jul-05 Maria Martignoni Establishment, persistence and spread of mycorrhizal inoculum’ Theresa Loewen
Tyson Lab Complexity Lab
Jul-12 Shane Pedersen An assesment of Sustainability for Eco-certification in the Okanagan-Similkameen wine Industry
Complexity Lab
Jul-26 Bruno Canturan TBA Shane Pedersen
Complexity Lab Complexity Lab
Aug-02 Aboubakr Lo TBA Carolina Restrepo
Tyson Lab BRAES
Aug-16 Theresa Loewen TBA
Complexity Lab